The Story

The story


L’evrance’s journey began when biochemist, chemist, dermatology specialist, anti-aging and skin care expert Claire L’evrance started compiling a reference guide detailing the physical and mental causes of aging and developed products and systems for reversing premature aging and creating health.

Claire was able to put her philosophies into practice when she was 34 years old. Even though she was a young woman she started noticing that wrinkles and spots started to appear in her face and she actually looked 20 years older than she actually was.

After many months of struggling against her problem and looking for solutions spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, trying and testing thousands of beauty and anti-aging products and even Botox and plastic surgery, she quickly realized that this was not the quick and effective solution she was looking for.

Chemist and anti-aging expert by day, stargazer and dreamer by night, she hoped to unlock the rejuvenation power of a miracle anti-aging product she desired to discover so much. Inspired by science and alchemy, Claire finally discovered a nutrient-rich anti-wrinkle cream with natural ingredients. 15 years and 7,354 experiments later, Crème de L’evrance was born – and Claire’s skin visibly restored.